10 Feb
17:00 hrs.

ART Rotterdam Intersections with Goodiepal, Tom Verbruggen, Peter Fengler

As part of ART Rotterdam's 'Intersections' program DE PLAYER will present the works of three different artists; Tom Verbruggen, Goodiepal, and Peter Fengler.



DIY synth record

Look here at a video of Tom Verbruggen his DIY synth record he made with DE PLAYER for the Sculptural Electronic Sound Discs project.
    Look here at the video report of our program at December 17th when Goodiepal gave a demo and lecture on the complete history of graphic notation in Iceland. Also some works of Gudmunder Steinn Gunnarson who earlier...
    The 3 p[ieces which were commisioned by for our NZ/ZN festival lately are now to be listened to tomorrow at internet radio on
    DE PLAYER will work during 2016 and 2017 in coöperation with Remco van Bladel on a project named „Pushing The Score”. It will do research, experiments and presentations on the actual position of this phenomenon.The...
    An Experimental Music Record Fair in Bruxelles with specialised dealers, collectors, labels owners and others.Lectures, fair and live acts by G*PARK , Astor and Marc Matter. DE PLAYER will be attending with...

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