6 Feb
20:00 hrs.


For ART Rotterdam we will presentour new internationally orientated audio magazine TETRA GAMMA CIRCULAIRE.
After our first edition made in Stockholm recently, for ART Rotterdam issue 2 be launched. It will be combined with exposed materials and a performative live show....



Noise As New Politics; 16 december DE PLAYER at Derde Dinsdag

We will do a pre-release of our newest Public Sound #6 entitled Noise As New Politics at Derde Dinsdag. This release is a cooperation with Witte de With CCA and is related to the exhibition DAI HANZHI: 5000 ARTISTS which is still running till 4 January. The public Sound #6 contains an article by chinese artist YanYun and soundmaterial by Torturing Nurse plus fieldrecordings of the Tian'amen Square by Yan Yun. Stop by at Derde Dindsag to get some sound bites and more info.
    We are taking part at the Art Book Fair in Vancouver. There will be an international cast of interesting publishers. They were interested in the combination of vinyl and printwork. We will bring there BIGMAG and...
    SOS STUBNITZ Dutch Experimental Music Scene Supports Ms Stubnitz This project is an initiative of dutch artists from the experimental music scene, to support Motorship Stubnitz. Ms Stubnitz is an 80...
    for all those who lnow where abraham get the mustard:FRIDAY 11 JULY VROOOOOOM FESTIVAL withSENYAWA (id), CHAKAI HOUSE (uk), ERGO PHIZMIZ (uk), COOLHAVEN (nl), HASSAN K (ir), SWEAT...
    You can order this intense genealogy now and we will cut it on your demand in our studio.

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