• Voor Slechts Seuventig % Afspeelbaar - Box - Dennis Tyfus and Peter Fengler



25 Jun
17:00 hrs.

GARDENA FEST II: CALHAU!, Vincent Malassis, Jonas Ohlsson, Dewi De Vree & Patrizia Ruthensteiner, Lars Leeuw, Ian Martin a.o.

Our second edition of our GARDENA FEST: to celebrate our garden and hangin' out. This edition will be as blooming as the former 2015 one. 



Charlois Special soon!

From 10-19 June 2016 there will be Charlois Special with lots of art, concerts, theatre at the Southborder. The emphasis will be on art in relation with local cultures in Charlois as an active international melting pot. Check there program at
    Come and take a look 13 April at Wolfart to meet up with some real interesting audio related stuff. Yann Leguay, who was part of DE PLAYER program, will come with some other artists to, emphsize how "owdio can...
    an event at WORM presenting at 20 March Colin Self (us) and Peter Fengler. Both multidisciplined performance artists with a powerful voice and introcate mental esthetics.Find out more at
    With sadness we announce that hans clavin, a soulmate of DE PLAYER, has passed away 28 February. He was an inspiring and active artist with who we worked with many pleasure. He had too many good things to mention....
    Look here at a video of Tom Verbruggen his DIY synth record he made with DE PLAYER for the Sculptural Electronic Sound Discs project.

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