23 Jan
20:00 hrs.

BRAUBLFF 5 (Materie und Laut)

This will be a special edition of our BRAUBLFF series as an opener of 2016. Currently working on the program, so specific info on this soon.



Pushing The Score with Remco van Bladel and DE PLAYER

DE PLAYER will work during 2016 and 2017 in coöperation with Remco van Bladel on a project named „Pushing The Score”. It will do research, experiments and presentations on the actual position of this phenomenon.The graphical score has a long history. Already before notations on paper the Gregorian chants of the scola cantorum, already where conducted by writing of signs in the air. This later on developed into the musical notation as we know in the western music. From this standard there has been made all kind of different varieties of musical notations. Especially the visual arts played a keyhole in this. By using Jacques Attali his book Noise: The Political Economy of Music as a reference and inspirational source, we want to do research on the potentials of nowadays knowledge and media. Pushing the apparatus ahead to further new impressions is the goal. From this standpoint we look for new configurations to produce new, previously unknown, relationships in the field of sound, visual arts and the performance. More specific information on the project will follow. During this period several presentations will take place on different locations. Also a website will be launched as ’club house’. Later on results will be published.
This project is supported by the Mondiaan Fund.
    An Experimental Music Record Fair in Bruxelles with specialised dealers, collectors, labels owners and others.Lectures, fair and live acts by G*PARK , Astor and Marc Matter. DE PLAYER will be attending with...
    Paul Granjon will show his work Urban Cleaning in the exhibition Constructors of the Absurd, Tinkerers of Utopias from 11th July – 1st November 2015, in Meymac, France.The work was originally commissioned...
    CultuurWerkplaats Tarwewijk presenteert:Dada avond in het Millinxparkhuiswoensdag 27 mei van 20:00 - 21:30 - entree gratis / Millinxstraat 69, 3081 PE RotterdamKlankkunst met Jaap Blonk en ACG...
    Soon out now ! ; the ressurrected audio magazine FAKE. We will present it at 24 April with a live show of several acts. The magazine focusses on all kind of content that lives in the shade of the mainstream music...

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