26 Apr
20:30 hrs.

SPINED PARTICLES with Mosconi (it), Vianoupoulos (gr/nl), Herman (be)

In the ambiance of the ART Bruxelles side programming we will show some special record box sets, which are more than just a record itself.



MOSCONI box at ART Brussels

For ART BRUXELLES we will present in cooperation with Whatspace and les atelier claus a live program in which several particular boxsets of records will play a keyrole. One of these works is “SEZIONE AUREA” 1971/2000/2014 by DAVIDE MOSCONI The work was born of an old desire of Mosconi: make a music which will be always different at each playing, however without altering its constituent elements. Other works based on the same premise are “La musica del Paradiso” for the tower in the park in Hiroshima, and “Opera Rotta” for the Teatro alla Scala.It was conceived at her birth in 1971 and completed in 2000 thanks to the solicitations of Gabriele Bonomo and the good will of the Milanese record producer Emanuele Carcano. Mosconi died in 2004 and now finally Carcano and Bonomo managed to realise the first part of the work; "Rythmic Section"The first section of “Sezione Aurea” with the title “Rhythmic Section” makes use of at least three turntables and monophonic amplifiers where the loudspeakers are placed in semicircle around the listeners. The discs themselves are mute (in the sense of having no recorded sound) but with lines traced on their surfaces by means of various pointed objects thus producing a variety of sounds. These signs are different for each face of the three records and generate a “rhythmic cage” with eight combinatorial possibilities never the same, just because it will never be possible to start the records in the same way.This work is dedicated to Mosconi his daughter Tantra. 
    Last monday 3 March 2014 Robert Ashley (1930) died. He holds an international reputation for his work in new forms of opera and multi-disciplinary projects. Ashley died three months after he finished his last...
    1st March 2014 we will be present with some of our exclusive releases at the cherry on the cake festival in Aalst Belgium. Always good to check out what is happening there. Hang around, watch good gigs, buy good...
    For ART Bruxelles we will organise a live event in coöperation with WHATSPACE as part of the ART Bruxelles sideshow which will take place at Les Atelier Claus. We will present several specific record releases in...
    freshly arrived this record with a double sided black vinyl containing edited sound from Marco Fusinato his endurance performance Spectral Arrows for DE PLAYER at 18th of May 2013. Now available in our shop!

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