Pinkie Bowtie

Pinkie Bowtie is an artist-led enterprise of Vaast Colson, Dennis Tyfus and Peter Fengler, born out of a desire to fill the gap between the institution, the commercial and the independent art space. A joint exploration towards self-determination. Pinkie Bowtie functions as a platform for collaborative working practices and aims to (re)present, communicate, distribute and sell the works of its artists. It acts as a blueprint of their practice, wanting to amplify and materialise their artistic attitude to the world. Pinkie Bowtie is operating out of a space at Wolstraat 31 in Antwerp, which also houses its archive and a shop with artist’s editions.

wolstraat 31
2000 Antwerp

Upcoming Events on Location

Fri 25 May 2018 to Sun 27 May 2018
For the occasion of the Antwerp Art Weekend the catalogues...

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