16 Sep
20:00 hrs.

'A Cosmic and Earthly History of Recorded Music according to Mississippi Records'

doors open 20.00 hrs, start program: 20.30 exact!!!
A film & talk presentation by Eric Isaacson + LIVE sets by:
Marisa Anderson, Lori Goldston, Dragging An Ox Through Water



VROOOM FEST (#17) not to miss!!!!

for all those who lnow where abraham get the mustard:
SENYAWA (id), CHAKAI HOUSE (uk), ERGO PHIZMIZ (uk), COOLHAVEN (nl), HASSAN K (ir), SWEAT TONGUE (nl), VIALKA (fr/ca), MACHINEFABRIEK (nl), NINA HITZ & ANNA MIKHAILOVA (ch/ru), DJ CHARLATAN PHILISTINE (de), DJ THIERRY CHAMPIGNON (nl)location: Stichting B.a.d. – Talingstraat 5, Rotterdam
17:00 – 02:00 | entrance 8 euro

Initially this 17th Vrooom event was intended to be just a fun, self-indulgent little event organised by Vrooom and its immediate circle of friends, but it gradually snowballed into a mini festival for all. A Vrooom season closing party, if you will. A good alternative for those who are still around town early July, undesiring stressful trips abroad or having to choose between 200 acts a day at festival XYZ. So take it easy, come down south, and hear cool local performers, international veterans and exciting newcomers wrestle it out in the laid-back ambiance of B.a.d. Foundation. There will be food available by Bebe Beliz between roughly 17:00 and 20:00. Cocktails by JC Thomaz & BB!SENYAWA (Jogjakarta, Indonesia) One of THE most anticipated Live shows of the season. Find out what rootsy music from Indonesia sounds like given the unorthodox 'Boredoms-esque' treatment. Coming from the ancient city Jogjakarta, central Java, Indonesia, Senyawa aka Rully Shabara and Wukir Suryadi filter their traditional Javanese heritage through a framework of contemporary experimental music practices. They push the boundaries of both traditions in an attempt to mix the musics’ of the east and the west to create a new sound. It's cerebral and visceral, and a serious must see/hear command is in order! HOUSE (uk) Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides' Pascal Nichols is also Chakai House: an improvised drum performance of rudimentary polyrhythms and amplified percussion. Nichols is a self-taught, free-thinking drummer and sound artist from Manchester. His playing is both reductive and high-energy, and born out of a love for prog rock, free jazz, and ritualistic music. Nichols has recorded and performed with fellow nutters such as e.g. Phil Minton, Ludo Mich, and Harappian Night Recordings. PHIZMIZ (uk) Ergo is a hero. Ergo-Hero. To his detriment these times are not made for heroes, unfortunately. In Ergo's case, the hero is a beautiful young man who can sing, dance and throw in a decent conversation as well. But why this urge to worship him? Well, just because he writes brilliant songs, makes very good radio plays and wears nice clothes. Which is more than you can say for the rest of the world population. (nl) This legendary Rotterdam trio can rock like a, uhhh... rock and perform like your worst nightmare. They will play a 'soothing' set with new and old (well, yes, you can call it) music. They will likely put on skirts and moustaches just like in the old days when they were young, beautiful and dominated... K (ir) A mystical one man band from Persia who sometimes goes by the name of Keyvane Alinaghi. The prince of Persia mixes occident and orient, surf music and bellydance, swing and heavy metal. Armed with a guitar, a keyboard and a few sensors, he travels from the Turan to the Western kingdom, to spread the words of his illuminated ancestors… TONGUE (nl) Sweat Tongue are the great hope of the Rotterdam Underground Foundation Theory (R.U.F.T.). This band does things on stage that could be contagious and might transform this stupid old town into something as cool as Berlin or Magdenburg, musically speaking that is. Who needs ladders, guitars or things to bang on if you have a sweaty tongue? (fr/ca) The post-genre guitar and percussion duo Vialka is named after a hole in the ground somewhere on the Russian prairie. They must be the ultimate touring band cause it takes less time to name the places they haven't visited: Antartica, Greenland, Hawaii, Liechtenstein, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan. Did I forget something? On stage, Vialka display great chemistry and put everything they find on their extensive tours back into their music; folksy stuff from all over the world, punk, improv, chanson and whatnot...• MACHINEFABRIEK (nl) We placed a special factory order and asked Machinefabriek to churn out standardized, low-cost sounds which we could afford to program, and would also be tailored for our audience's wages (see also: Fordism In Music). More good news: it has been determined that 90 minutes is the perfect length for this purpose.• NINA HITZ & ANNA MIKHAILOVA (ch/ru) Russian / Swiss duo that will play acoustic improv with cello and koto. Nina is more of a Baroque chick while Anna has a background in music theatre ( This cooperation will probably result in very subtle Cagean gestures mixed with cheesy swiss baroque chainsawing and Russian koto banging.• DJ CHARLATAN PHILISTINE (de) Jobless immigrant truckdriver, now on a mission to become the 2nd best dj in the world to pay his bills. While he's not likely to challenge David Guetta or dj Fill In The Blank, we're convinced he can steal just about enough good music in time, to play at this event.• DJ THIERRY CHAMPIGNON (nl) Self-proclaimed walking jukebox. Provides perfect muzak to fill voids between Vrooom #17's Live performances.
    You can order this intense genealogy now and we will cut it on your demand in our studio.
    Couch potatoes that do not wish to abandon their domestic confines can also watch it on local television; Open Rotterdam will screen Perfect Lives from May 15 – 21, spliced into 7 episodes, one per day.Perfect...
    For ART BRUXELLES we will present in cooperation with Whatspace and les atelier claus a live program in which several particular boxsets of records will play a keyrole. One of these works is “SEZIONE AUREA” 1971/...
    Last monday 3 March 2014 Robert Ashley (1930) died. He holds an international reputation for his work in new forms of opera and multi-disciplinary projects. Ashley died three months after he finished his last...

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