20 Mar
20:00 hrs.

Chromo Flex Jam Edition 5432

An event with Audrey Chen (us), Maria Chavez (pe), Yann Leguay (fr/be) and other entities.
We are all materialised and we will know it. Proudley presenting and more details to be announced soon; our very best for now. 



Jonas Ohlsson Electro-lecture at Garage Rotterdam

Meet artist Jonas Ohlsson at the exhibition Order&Chaos for his performance-sound-lecture
“Sitdown comedy meets noise meets concrete poetry, with opinions, sounds, beats, effects and drones travel acroos the various levels of consiousness." as he says.
Garage Rotterdam, 23 january, 20.00 hrs 
    We will do a pre-release of our newest Public Sound #6 entitled Noise As New Politics at Derde Dinsdag. This release is a cooperation with Witte de With CCA and is related to the exhibition DAI HANZHI: 5000...
    We are taking part at the Art Book Fair in Vancouver. There will be an international cast of interesting publishers. They were interested in the combination of vinyl and printwork. We will bring there BIGMAG and...
    SOS STUBNITZ Dutch Experimental Music Scene Supports Ms Stubnitz This project is an initiative of dutch artists from the experimental music scene, to support Motorship Stubnitz. Ms Stubnitz is an 80...
    for all those who lnow where abraham get the mustard:FRIDAY 11 JULY VROOOOOOM FESTIVAL withSENYAWA (id), CHAKAI HOUSE (uk), ERGO PHIZMIZ (uk), COOLHAVEN (nl), HASSAN K (ir), SWEAT...

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